Hamilton Hatt: Take Elegance With You


Hamilton Hatt: Take Elegance With You


Hamilton Hatt: Take Elegance With You


At Hamilton Hatt, we believe that luxury is not just a label; it's a way of life. 

We are a high-end online retailer dedicated to curating luxury collections from brands that match our ethos for quality and timeless styling.

Embodying an unmatched retail experience online, we ensure each piece you buy from us works with your body shape, to ensure timeless fashion purchases - standing the test of time.

Our beginnings

With roots in Hamilton, the Capital of Bermuda, HH is founded upon the high standard of living seen on the island, mixed with the British heritage against warm and vibrant backdrop.

One of our founders, Kathryn, has been heavily influenced by her time there. Inspired to take this laidback and opulent approach to life, Hamilton Hatt are redefining the world of luxury fashion.

Read about our core values below.

Elevate your warm-up or cool-down routine with the Portland, the ultimate active midlayer.

understated luxury

Practicality, quality fabrics and classic styling: taking you from lounging at home, to the countryside, then to city.

Our curated range is anchored in understated luxury, regardless of where you are.

Celebrating classic designs and enduring styles that transcend fleeting trends, our collections are carefully selected to empower our customers to embrace pieces that will remain relevant and cherished for years to come.


By offering a personalised styling service, we ensure each and every customer finds their perfect match.

We go beyond the traditional online shopping model, providing a tailored and exclusive service so you can buy with confidence, knowing the styles selected will suit you and your body shape. This helps ensure timeless fashion purchases, that will stand the test of time.

Buy once, love forever.

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